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Dynamic Storytelling for Persuasive Presentations

Captivate and compel with

Dynamic Storytelling

Get good at persuading your audience in your business presentations with Sophie Pumphrey, master of voice and improv comedy teacher.

In-person class in central London.

One-off session price: £35

4 -sessions package: £120 (click here to email me for the booking link)

Every Friday
4pm – 6pm
Deli, 107 Leadenhall Street, London EC3A 4AF

I want you to be

impressive when you deliver your presentation

so I’m putting my 18 years of improv comedy training and all my experience as a voice coach into giving you proper practice for presenting in a corporate setting.

You’ll get the practice, feedback and community you need to get really good at delivering a presentation that captivates an audience and compels them to act.

You’ll get voice techniques for projection and warmth, how to use body language to be assertive but welcoming, and how to breathe to stay wildly calm and en point with your message.

Then… the message! You need a great story! Storytelling needs structure, specificity, engaging sense language, persuasive rhetoric and it needs you – your own brilliant take on life.

If you’ve got all that… all you need is practice! With laser-focused feedback that builds you up and a group of awesome people to celebrate your successes. And I mean all successes – from the seemingly small, to the expansively immense. That’s when you train your nervous system to expect success.

I’ve been working with improv comedy for 18 years and I have seen how it brings people to life and connects them to their unique way of communicating so that people can’t help but find them attractive and convincing speakers.

Now I want to use all my voice coach knowledge to add to that to give you the best dojo for presenting in all of London!

Click below to sign up for an individual price of £35 per session or email me for a link to get a discount on booking 4 sessions (£120).

Class structure

Each session, you’ll practice presenting and telling stories that are so uniquely you, engaging and so very cool-sounding that your audience is compelled to act.

Every week we’ll focus on a specific aspect of storytelling.

Next session on 24th is Make your story pop!

We want speakers to be present to their ideas and sensations as they talk to us. This workshop will get you connected to your message in a way that audiences can’t help but fall in love with.

Lots of storytelling games and exercises to free you up to speak spontaneously and with passion!

Using skills from the improv comedy word, we’re going to practice accessing your individual creativity in front of a warm and friendly audience.

Vocal warm ups to keep your voice in good shape, and allow you to feel easily confident when you speak.

Focused feedback from me on how to improve on your skills, and as always, massive celebration and support for all your successes, from the apparently tiny to the wonderfully huge!

Click the purple button for an individual price of £35 per session or email me for a link to get a discount on booking 4 sessions (£120).

Places are limited so book soon! Looking forward to seeing you there!


Every Friday
£35 for an individual class, £120 for 4 (to be used within 2 months)
Theatre Deli, 107 Leadenhall Street, London EC3A 4AF